Hello everyone. Welcome to my new blog. I figured this would introduce myself. I am a developer,systems engineer, and network engineer consultant who likes trying out new things. I have always had a passion for tinkering with electronics. All the way from embeded systems to clustered rendering farms. I got my passion for computers from tinkering with them. Trying to figure out on my own what they can do. Some of the roles I have played at companies have ranged from Web developer and Graphics designer, all the way up to Systems Engineer and now DevOps Engineer where I am taking my knowledge from over the years of automation, virtualization, and Networking to a new level in my current role. Over the next few weeks I am going to be working on populating this blog with some of the guides I have written for the differnt technologies I work with daily and also discribing some of the automation and setups I have done. As I rebuild out my homelab from the ground up again, I am also going to document the setup here for future use by people. I am aiming at a mostly Opensource lab with a little Windows sprinkeled in as needed.